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About Our Company

  Located in Brevard County, Florida, St. Clare & Assoc, Inc develops superior solutions for small businesses.

What can the World Wide Web do for your business?

Having a web site is your first step. The online presence gives you exposure. Your customer base can be widened from a pool of prospects in your neighborhood to a sea of Web surfers worldwide. Your Web site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, promoting your products, services or special message.

St. Clare   can handle all aspects of your Web Presence, including computer graphics, logo and page design, photography, illustration, copywriting, HTML coding, and search engine registration. 

You cannot ignore it.
The web is the newest place to advertise, and it is surprisingly inexpensive to have your web site placed on the web. St. Clare can design, develop and publish a site on the Internet that will represent your business effectively, with dignity and style. People are shopping more and more on the web! Even an individual can benefit from a web site that describes their personal attributes that would be interesting to a prospective employer.

Factors to Look For

Do the pages load quickly? -
Quick page loading is considered paramount factor at St. Clare.

Is the text easily readable against the background? -
Legible text is simply an absolute "must" if your message is going to be understood. If your text is not readable, viewers will lose interest and move on.

Is there a clear, concise navigation system? -
Easy navigation is an inherent requirement with a St. Clare designed site.

Do you like the style? Does it portray your business or organization adequately? -
A pleasant style is what St. Clare strives for while working with our customers.

See for yourself  -
Look at one of our recent projects Airline Purchasing Conference and E-mail them for a reference. 

Call or E-mail us and let us discuss your electronic presence to the rest of the world! 

Then, let St. Clare do the rest. 

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