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  Located in Brevard County, Florida, St. Clare & Assoc, Inc develops superior solutions for small businesses.

What can the World Wide Web do for your business?

Having a web site is your first step. The online presence gives you exposure. Your customer base can be widened from a pool of prospects in your neighborhood to a sea of Web surfers worldwide. Your Web site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, promoting your products, services or special message.

St. Clare   can handle all aspects of your Web Presence, including computer graphics, logo and page design, photography, illustration, copywriting, HTML coding, and search engine registration. 

  Site Design

The first service that St. Clare performs for you is design. To reduce startup fees, we strongly encourage our clients to provide as much of the design in electronic format or on disk as possible. This may include a description of what your Web site layout will look like and perhaps furnishing graphics for that design on disk. Of course, St. Clare is available to design your site for you from verbal conversation, or descriptions you provide to us on paper, from scanning your existing brochures or sales information, or any other means by which you can convey your design wishes. St. Clare always takes the following Web site design criteria into consideration:
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