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  Site Design

The first service that St. Clare performs for you is design. To reduce startup fees, we strongly encourage our clients to provide as much of the design in electronic format or on disk as possible. This may include a description of what your Web site layout will look like and perhaps furnishing graphics for that design on disk. Of course, St. Clare is available to design your site for you from verbal conversation, or descriptions you provide to us on paper, from scanning your existing brochures or sales information, or any other means by which you can convey your design wishes. St. Clare always takes the following Web site design criteria into consideration:

First impressions

Your home page must display quickly and cleanly. It should be clear to the visitor what this site is all about without proceeding further. Avoid dull pictures, choose sharp images and contrasts not everyone has a high resolution monitor.


Development includes converting the design to the language of the Web and reformatting as required, adding hypertext links as appropriate. Automatic e-mail response forms, custom-designed order forms, database search engines and click-able buttons. These optional features can add tremendous capabilities to your Web site and really make your site alive and standout from the rest.


St. Clare is available to provide any level of ongoing maintenance that your site requires. Some sites never change and thus, require minimal maintenance. Most successful sites are dynamic and require changes on a regular basis (daily, monthly, yearly). It is very important for St. Clare to understand how much maintenance your site will require- how often you anticipate changes being made to your Web site (changes in pricing, text, services being offered, etc...)! For very dynamic sites (many changes per month, daily changes, or even multiple changes per day), it is possible for St. Clare to design your site such that you will be able to upload the changes directly by yourself. Note that some basic training may be required on your part in order for you to properly upload files. Once maintenance requirements are clarified, St. Clare can work with you to implement a program that is the most cost effective way of meeting the dynamic requirements of your Web site.

We provide on site service, maintenance and consulting for all web services above as well as Ms Access/SQL Server and ASP/FrontPage support and maintenance.

Customer satisfaction is second to none !

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